Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Transportation AM Review Seminar

Great News if you are looking to take a PE review seminar. Professional Engineering Services, Inc. permits free participation in the first part of their review course. From the advert they mailed out:

"You're invited to attend the first day of our Civil PE (Transportation AM) seminar for FREE. This $225 value includes: An 8-hour review seminar, Transportation AM book, and one, 2-hour DVD. Just email us at
If you're not able to attend the live FREE Transportation AM review seminar, you're invited to participate in the live, FREE Webinars (Orange County or Hayward Locations; or Both). For more information, simply email"

Notice emails for each opportunity differ. For the live PE review class, email to For the free webinar, send email to

This looks like an excellent opportunity. If you are preparing for an exam after the April 8 & 9 exams, visit Mansour's website The free class/webinar offer exists on the homepage as well.

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