Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free PE Exam Course: Traffic Engineering

This link offers 29 free courses on Traffic Engineering:

Traffic Engineering Review

These courses are offered by ADA, the National Highway Institute, and the Federal Highway Administration.

Books for the Transportation Exam:

1. Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam
2. Transportation Review Books for the Civil: Transportation PE exam
3. Traffic Engineering Handbook

4. For a free list of Transportation Engineering equations, see this 107-page free pdf from Shahin Monsour.

5. I waded through the mass of offerings and did all the creative searching. I compiled the best of the legitimate PE exam study materials on this page: PE Exam Books Civil Transportation


  1. Most people will purchase a package deal to study for the PE exam. First, these books are in investment in an engineer's future. More than 30% fail. That failure sets one back in time, and in credibility.
    It is important to pass on the first attempt.
    Second, these books are an investment. They are not disposable resources, to be trashed after you pass the NCEES exam. They will remain on your bookshelf as valuable references.
    Third, in addition to the discounts available in package deals at sites like ppi2pass, there are discount codes.
    Finally, books necessary to professional advancement are tax deductible. I write off my books as "office supplies". (On advice from a tax forum.)

  2. As of 1/14/14 it doesn't look like Traffic Engineering Review course is free any more.
    Your link is dead.
    I found it now at
    for $495.

    course outline

    1. That wasn't it. There were several links to free traffic engineering courses, reviews, etcetera. I'll find a cached page somewhere... hopefully.

    2. Anon: I was able to update the link with a page from the wayback machine site. It's from February, 2011. But, it has the links for the free traffic engineering review. Enjoy.
      Thanks for posting.

  3. This page is confusing. Are we talking about Transportation (PE Civil exam) or Traffic (TE exam)???

    1. This is about the NCEES PE exam for Transportation. Until you mentioned it, I had never heard of the Traffic Exam. Only the state of California administers this exam.
      However, I expect the resources on this page will be helpful. Peace.


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