Friday, August 30, 2013

Best PE Exam Review Materials

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Snapshot of PE Exam Materials Store
Today, I finally completed a massive review of the available PE exam study materials. Phew! I learned there are some good books, some real worthless garbage, and some absolute "must have" materials.

In short, I compiled lists of the best PE review books for each topic: mechanical,  industrial, chemical, et al, and each of the five civil engineering afternoon topics: structural, geotechnical, environmental and water resources, transportation, and construction; as well as the California civil engineering surveying, and California civil seismic exams.

I put it all together in special pages on Amazon. The first page is a list of my top recommendations, the "must have" list. You'll need to click around to see other lists. Most of the lists have multiple pages.

PE Exam Study Materials

One thing that stunned me: I found a lot of unique material from this blog in other writers' content. I checked and confirmed- I published first. Wow. They say copying is the highest compliment. Well, I am blushing!

You, of course, are reading this material for FREE. You're welcome. Look in the right margin for more great articles that are sure to make it into more books "by others."

When it comes to the Civil and Mechanical exams, a good book of engineering unit conversions will prove valuable. The best title I have identified is Engineering Unit Conversions, by Michael Lindeburg. 


  1. Would you recommend getting the unit conversion books for a Structural PE exam? I understand that it's beneficial for a Mechanical focus, but how about Structural?

    1. According to the "Exam Specifications" for the Civil Structural exam: "The exam uses both the International System of Units (SI) and the US Customary System (USCS)."
      So, yes, a unit conversion book will serve you well on the exam. I expect the same is true for all the Civil PE exams.
      I've added link to the best Unit Conversions book available. I added it to this post, "Best PE Exam Review Materials."
      May you have a good success on your exam! Thanks for commenting.


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