Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2016 PE Exam Results (How to get them early!)

Passing Letters Sent Out! 

I received notice from the Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors today: PASS!

If you have not received your letter, use the license lookup page on your state's professional board website.

The Secret to Finding PE Exam Results Early
Last week, another licensed engineer told me his nephew had not received a letter, but was able to find his number in the license lookup directory for California: Engineering PE License Lookup

[See list below for other states' license lookup pages.]

I searched for my own license number last week. I searched in the license lookup three times with different levels of completeness. I tried my city, name, and surname first. Next, just my last name. It was not in search results. Today, I got my letter. I also searched and found my new license number, which is not in the letter I received. Each state has their own license look-up.

I also learned my license expiration date. This was good information to know- it was set to expire in just a few months. So, I sent in a renewal payment. (In California, we don't have CEU's, we just continue learning because being a good engineer requires it!)

This method of acquiring the PE exam results should work for every state. It makes sense for the state boards to update their online license lookup databases before notices are sent. Otherwise, some ambitious engineer might get a stamp the same day, approve some plans, and submit them. Then, the public office reviewer checks on a name never seen before... and what if it's not there? So, it seems logical to expect the online lookup to be updated first. 

I also learned that A.B. 645 has removed the California requirement for engineers to include the expiration date on their stamp. It passed October 11, 2009. This bill alters Section 6735 of the Business and Professions Code to omit the requirement for the expiration date of the license of the professional at the time of stamping/sealing. Other states are likely to have followed this example. If your state does not require the expiration date, please post a comment with a reference so others can confirm. 

So, I am now off to order production of my stamp without an expiration date. I found the cheapest cost for the version I want here: PE self-inking stamp PE Self-Inking Stamps and Embossers

Best of hopes for all of you!

If You will Retake the Exam:
My personal theory as to why 60% pass and the others just get close is that the "close, but no cigar" examinees didn't have the right study tools. I waded through all the offerings, read all the reviews, and weighed in my personal experiences and recommendations on forums. Then, I compiled the best, current titles here:

PE Exam Materials - Best Only

Closing Thought:
Do you know what you call an EIT who takes three attempts to pass the PE exam?

A: engineer!

If you are not good at preparing for exams, you need "Pass the PE Like a Pro." It is an overview of how to prepare for the PE Exam. (Use the PE Exam Materials link above.)

License lookup for the 10 most populous states:

1. California
2. Texas
3. New York
4. Florida
5. Illinois
6. Pennsylvania
7. Ohio
8. Georgia
9. Michigan
10. North Carolina


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