Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PPI Discount

I prepared for the California April PE exam in 2010 using a heavy emphasis on taking practice exams. In my opinion, this is the best way to prepare for and pass the PE Exam.

You need to practice taking exams in the same conditions under which the actual NCEES exam is administered.

I took a practice exam every other Saturday for three months prior to the exam. Between exams, I focused on two categories: my strongest category and my weakest categories. Investing in your strong area solidifies this base and ensures you will continue to score these points on future practice exams and on the actual exam day. Delving into your weak areas will bring you the "low hanging fruit." Easy topics are learned easily. Some facets of engineering. like pumps, are simple enough- if only you understand the variables used in the equations.

Update (01-26-15): You can find the best PE sample exam books and other review materials at the best PE review materials link below.

Best PE Exam Books
Another great resource for best prices on PE exam review books is the Amazon page pictured to the right. This page has all the best of the current editions of PE review materials.
Don't forget that Amazon requires all sellers on their site to meet or beat prices anywhere else on any other site. And, when it comes to shipping, Amazon.com is free after $35. PPI makes you pay (not cheap, either) up to $350 in books. After that, shipping is free.

Check out the Best PE Review Materials Amazon page.

Be sure to buy a good calculator, a reserve calculator, minimum two practice exam books, and the reference books specific to your exam module.

The two most valuable tools for PE exam review and preparation are taking practice exams and practicing with the Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CERM). To find the cheapest copy of the CERM available, use this page: Civil Engineering Reference Manual 

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