Saturday, January 5, 2013

California Professional Engineer Exam Dates 2015

As usual, the California Board of Professional Engineers scheduled two exams for 2015. As expected, these exams are in April and October. Filing dates for these exams are shown below.

Notice that last year they shortened the refile time allotment by 2 weeks over previous years.

April 2015 NCEES PE Exam Date
    Final Filing Date: New Applicants - varies by state, but usually around November, 2014 (already too late to file for this exam date) November 3rd in California.
                              Refile Applicants - varies by state, but around January, 2015. Jan. 9th in California.
    Exam Date: April 17, 2015, Friday (all states)

October 2015 NCEES Exam Date
    Final Filing Date: New Applicants - varies by state, but around May, 2015. This is May 1st in California.
                              Refile Applicants - varies by state, but approx. July, 2015 and July 6th in California.
    Exam Date: October 30, 2015, Friday (all states)

How to Pass the NCEES Professional Engineer Exam:
The NCEES exams are administered on Fridays, both exams in 2015 (as usual.) The California state specific seismic and surveying exams have always been administered the following day, a Saturday. This year, however, the bpels site has not yet declared dates for the state specific exams.

Many years ago, I learned the secret to passing any exam: practice as close to the actual test as possible. For this reason, the core component of your study should consist of taking practice exams. Analyze your results. Work on your best areas to form an anchor of knowledge for test day, and also work on the areas in which you performed weakest. This is absolutely the best way to prepare.

When I passed my exam, it was by taking a practice exam every other Saturday, a full 8-hour exam modeled after the NCEES exam. This works best using sample exams from more than one author or publisher. The best practice exam books are here:

Best PE Practice Exams

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