Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PE Exam Questions

How many questions are on the California PE Exam?

A: The California NCEES exam, typically given on a Friday in April and a Friday in October each year, is the same NCEES exam given in all 50 states. California, however, has two state-specific exams particular to the Sunshine State. These are the Seismic Exam and the Survey Principles Exam.

Here is the breakdown of PE exam questions for California:

    Morning:     40 questions    4 hours     6 minutes/question   Breadth
    Afternoon:   40 questions    4 hours     6 minutes/question   Depth

California Special Civil Seismic Exam Questions:
    55 questions     2.5 hours      2 minutes 43.6 seconds/question
      (Note: was 50 questions. Some examinees at October, 2012 sitting were surprised by 55 questions. The additional 5 questions are to vet and standardize questions for future Civil Seismic exams.)

California Engineering Survey Exam Questions:
    55 questions     2.5 hours      2 minutes 43.6 seconds/question

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Free Sample PE Exam Questions:

The site ppi2pass gives 5 free sample questions on their main page. Look in the lower right for the free sample questions for: FE/EIT, PE, Electrical PE, Mechanical PE, and LEED GA.

To browse the available PE sample exams, go here: PE Sample Exams 

You can also find some PE exam sample problems on this Facebook page:
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