Saturday, January 5, 2013

PPI2PASS Discount Code

PPI2PASS Discount Code

Note: This code is good until November 30, 2014. 

To receive a discount on your ppi2pass purchase, enter discount code PASS1114 at checkout. PPI2pass provides review seminars, discount study book packages, and all the prominent, effective study materials for the NCEES FE exam and the PE exam. All specialties are covered in review courses and/or books. This discount code also applies to all practice exams and anything published by PPI.

After selecting your books, review courses, and memberships, proceed to checkout. During the checkout process, you will be given an opportunity to enter a discount code. Enter the word PASS1114 to receive 5 percent off.

Enter the promo code during checkout to receive discount.

How to Save More
Most of the books published by PPI (maybe all) are also for sale on I compiled the best PE Exam review books on a collection of pages, all located at the other end of the in-text link in this sentence. You will find the books organized according to specific PE exam specialties. There are pages for Mechanical PE exam, Electrical Engineering PE exam, Civil: Structural, Civil: Geotechnical and just about all the various exams. Each page lists the best-reviewed books first, then in descending order. Only current editions are listed.

To find the cheapest sources for the California Seismic books recommended by bpelsg, click here:
California Seismic Exam Study Books.

Reasons to buy from Amazon and not from ppi2pass: 

1. Prices are cheaper on Amazon.
2. Amazon gives free shipping on orders over $35. PPI waits until $350 for free shipping.
3. PPI ships 10-day slow. Amazon has faster options, such as 2-day shipping. And, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, 2-day shipping is free. Follow the link to get a free 30-day membership, and you will receive 2-day shipping for FREE. Sign up for the free 30 days. You get a free ebook loan per month; free 2-day shipping with no minimum;  instantly watch 40,000 videos and tv episodes. Cancel after 30 days with no cost.

Pass the PE like a Pro

If you plan to pass the PE exam, I highly recommend this product:

1. Civil Engineering Reference Manual, the Lindeburg book - Buy Civil Engineering Reference Manual.

Purchase your books early. Learn what they give you. Acquire two calculators, here's why: PE Exam Calculators, why you need two, and how to choose them.

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